Q: Is there any minimum are of plot I can buy?
A: Based on the project selection the minimum size of land can be either half an acre or an acre

Q: Are they any benefits if I own a managed farmland?
A: Many benefits are tagged along with managed farmlands like returns on timber yield, appreciation of land, weekend getaways in the guesthouse, and many more.

Q: What is the minimum area of plot one can buy?
A: The minimum land size would be a quarter acre/half an acre depending upon the project of your interest

Q: Can you share the location of the managed farmlands?
A: Most of the farmlands are in and around Hyderabad, Telangana, in Vijaywada and Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.

Q: Is it only teak or other kind of plants that are grown?
A: Apart from varied vegetation that ABP concentrates on, teak is our prime plantation. It is to the owner’s choice what kind of crop to grown on their lands.

Q: Is there any specific climate for cultivating timber trees?
A: Timber trees take a good amount of time to grow, they grow well in hot and humid climate with 12 degree to 40 degrees Celsius as the temperature range.

Q:At times there will legal issues of the land, will ABP take care of these?
A: ABP gives its customers a complete back up and security. In case of any legal issues like the titles, transfer, or any other format, our team of experts are there to take care

Q: Timber is it a valuable plantation? Does it have demand?
A: Timber is quite famous and highly demanded in the market. There is more requirement for the wood than supply because of which the price is risen. Our country has majority of its furniture made out of teak, and to meet these expectations there is high import of this wood.

Q:Are they any set rules to procure an agricultural land?
A: In our state, one does not have restriction while buying an agricultural land.