Terrace Gardening

Terrace gardening might sound like a new age concept of farming/gardening/ creating a natural space within the limited area you have, but a big no to this. There were terrace gardens, kitchen gardens, and forms of gardening since the past. People surrounded themselves with greenery in all possible ways. It is of late everyone started realizing what is lost and getting back to the basics.


HEORwel understands the concept of getting optimum results with the minimum tools. We are also aware that our society’s inclination toward health and love for organic food is growing daily. For the same, HEORwel has customized solutions that give results within your backyard or terrace. If you are an individual with a strong liking for vegetation growing and also have a 100 sq. yards in your backyard or terrace, then HEORwel is the right companion to choose.


A minimum area of 100 sq. yards is what is required for optimum growth of vegetables/fruits/flowers of your choice. We at HEORwel have experts who are into designing of terrace gardens for a good number of years and are here to ensure that the landscaping of your terrace is customized as per your liking and with minimum tools usage.


Good place conservation practice is part of terrace gardening/kitchen garden/backyard gardening – transforming the area into something useful and healthy is the mutual idea of both the customers and experts at HEORwel. Amalgamating this idea into action results in a working garden right on your terrace/backyard. We use tools that are readily available and manageable by the customers as well. We ensure methods that deliver a healthy crop, and there is crop rotation introduced too so that you are surrounded by a healthy and greenery environment.


Handing over the project back to you in full functionality in the said timeline is what we can assure you all through our association. HEORwel represents punctuality, patience, and perseverance while working on its projects.

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