Recycling is our core DNA

HEORwel idea is to maximise the Organic ways of growth to achieve this HEORwel is developing a community to increase the Organic Waste Recycling. It is also identifying channel partners to work with and to collaborate on a larger scale to meet the demand of Green Communities that are  developed by HEORwel and also by other competitors. We believe in Hand in Hand cooperation alone can make this movement a revolution and can contribute a portion to Mother Earth.

Latest Blogs

How is Agri-Tech reshaping the future of farmers in India?

The Agri-tech sector is armed with hi-tech digital tools and complicated knowledge systems. According to a report, the industry is expected to touch $24 billion in valuation by 2025. Although technological interventions are changing the landscape of agriculture, there’s a lot that these can do to empower farmers. The pace of innovation has increased to […]

A new era of India’s Agri-Tech industry

Agriculture has always been a massive part of India. In the 21st Century, where technology is helping accelerate the growth of each sector, Agritech has become more prominent. It is a new era in India; this is the evolution phase of Agritech in India. It has tremendous scope, whether on farm applications or its utility […]

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