How is Agri-Tech reshaping the future of farmers in India?

The Agri-tech sector is armed with hi-tech digital tools and complicated knowledge systems. According to a report, the industry is expected to touch $24 billion in valuation by 2025. Although technological interventions are changing the landscape of agriculture, there’s a lot that these can do to empower farmers.

The pace of innovation has increased to such an extent that we hear about new technology in the market every day. The demand for faster, scalable, and more accessible solutions makes tech adoption a necessity for every industry.

Known as one of the minor digitized sectors globally, the agriculture industry is also witnessing momentum for developing and commercializing agricultural technologies.

Here are some reasons that the agri-tech field is reshaping the future of farmers.

It provides accurate solutions.

Many new agricultural technologies are met with fresh reservations, and because of their uniqueness, they are nothing more than a flash in the pan. Despite a history spanning millennia, agriculture retains several problems that technology can solve, and farmers get solutions.

Agritech gives farmers healthier seeds, better resources, and safer fertilizers. It improves immense storage capabilities and expands the business by connecting farmers with new customers from other parts while allowing them to meet orders without needing intermediaries.

A farmer has GOI support.

GOI, known as Growing food efficiently, is a global challenge. India is now offering grants to agri-tech companies because of their potential contributions to developing safe and clean agricultural products. India’s agriculture technology sector has the potential to grow manifold to $24.1 billion in the next five years.

Providing cold storage facility

Technological development in refrigeration helps farmers preserve their perishable commodities like onions, potatoes, and tomatoes, leading them to storage for a longer time and managing the market situation. Recently, the government has been planning to help farmer’s organizations to set up cold storage facilities

Providing advanced technology

Agritech is engaged with the internet and advanced solutions to provide farmers with the perfect time for accurate information and livestock. Farmers can adopt the opportunity and make the best use in deciding what to plant and when to apply pesticides and fertilizers.

These various platforms also help farmers to escape the complexities of their day-to-day operations and channel their efforts toward more profitable endeavors. Farmers’ engagement in agri-tech will help improve productivity and yields, which is an advantage over the traditional way of farming.

And also allow farmers (sellers) and buyers to facilitate trades using mobile applications without intermediaries.

Focusing on productivity

Agritech is the use of technology and technological advancement to enhance the productivity and output of agriculture. The Agritech sector is helping farmers in no. of ways, and some of them are:

With the help of agri-tech while farming, more food can be grown in less area, and less water is required in this farming process.
Robots can be used for planting or picking crops in place of manual labor.
For yield improvement, big data, machine learning, and Artificial intelligence can be used to understand more about the soil or growing conditions.


The Agri-tech sector in India is growing, and there is no stopping it. HEORwel is a rendering service that brings customers to the service provider and maximum reach of horticulture and agriculture.

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