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Professional farm management is what represents HEORwel’s core idea. As we are taking our baby steps in the farm management for the customers, our expertise in the same field goes back to many years.  As a process of selection, any land that is more than two acres, within Hyderabad and its vicinity are taken into consideration.


As part of our analysis, our farm managers who have expertise in the horticulture and agriculture techniques attentively hear to the requirements of the customers. In the next step, the experts explain the landowners about the requirements of adequate water, pipelines, utilities, and their vital play in the growth of healthy pastures. In detail about nuances like pasture, land conversation, cropland, pits, and minerals. Along with this, the landowners are explained about the complexities like wind, solar, pipeline, utility, and other easements. Our analysis of the land involves legal verifications and authentications, too, so that there are no roadblocks while designing the plan.


Like any other sector, agriculture has evolved, and one needs to be well informed with the latest trends and technology. After the analysis of the land completes, the experts move to the next step, which is execution. Execution of the idea that is planned along with the landowner. After a series of analysis like soil fertility tests, water supply, and other similar procedures, the team of experts relay to the customer a list of options, such as if they are interested toward making grassed waterways, crop rotation, or crops like vegetables and fruits, or grow trees like timber/sandalwood/medicinal plants, livestock, and so on. Along with this, our HEORwel team explains different facilities offered for the management of this land, with the help of surveillance of the acreage using CCTVs and security.


We know and understand that our customers are connected to their property. For the same as part of farm management, we have farmhouses and weekend homes design too for your land. The lands that the landowner ideate to improvise might be an ancestral gift. For the same reason, we ensure that each step/each planning is personally designed. We ensure that you are informed about every procedure and are in tandem with the developments. We take a minimum of two months to deliver the promised results.

We are thankful for the customers who have entrusted in us their lands and looking forward to the new pool to use our services. 

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